Five14 Kids and Students Commitments

Watch our Kids and students talk about making commitments to God as they realize how important it is to learn that WE CAN'T but God can.

Jon Morgan

Listen to Jon Morgan's story of working to be obedient to God in giving and how it has changed his life and the lives of everyone in his family.

Lisa Schwartz

Lisa came to Five14 many years ago and started her relationship with Christ. She is now leading a small group and leading a team of Sync volunteers on Sunday mornings. Watch her video and find out why she says, "I have less focus on what I think I need and more focus on relationships and things that really matter."

Jessica McCartney

Jessica has been a part of Five14 for a while and has built a habit of trusting God with her finances. Through WE CAN'T she has been stretched to trust God even more and views it as an opportunity to see God work. Watch her story and find out why when you open your life up to trust God in a new way she says, "God just shows up and makes something happen in a way that I couldn't have really planned or arranged."

Len Saavedra

Len came to Five14 Church as an atheist. After several years of fighting against God in her life, she decided to start a relationship with Christ. Watch her story to find out why she says, “nobody ever gets loved just for nothing, but here you do."

Kristen and Erich Goodlett

Kristen and Erich grew up in church and have always thought of giving as part of the Christian life. WE CAN’T has challenged them to trust God in a completely new way. Watch their story to hear an amazing example of God placing something on both of their hearts without the other one knowing.

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