The Goal

WE CAN’T  is a one-fund initiative, meaning that all of our regular giving and all of our special giving are going to be combined into one unified fund. We currently operate on a million dollar annual budget.  We’re trusting God to expand our generosity to reach a goal of 9 million over two years. That’s an increase of 7 million during that same time.

Our Two Year Goal

Five14 Today
(Operating Budget For 2 Years)
Five14 Serves
(10% to our partners over 2 years)

Five14 Tomorrow
(Building cost)
December 2015 - December 2017

Five14 Today Is All About:

  • Creating excellent dynamic worship experiences for all ages
  • Investing in the spiritual growth of those attending Five14 both in person and online
  • Developing more leaders to provide intentional connection through small groups at every age level
  • Providing staff support and direction to all ministries

Five14 Serves Is All About:

  • Giving 10% of our tithe to 4 ministries in the Columbus area.
  • Mobilizing our church to help with projects around Columbus and beyond.
  • Helping to support the efforts of local outreach ministries through cash and food donations.

Five14 Tomorrow Is All About:

  • Purchasing, developing and building on land for our new home.
  • Repurposing our current resources to maximize our influence in our community.
  • Expanding our ability to help the poor, hurting and broken.